kimono is a network service monitor similar to sysmon. it stores all data (by default) in XML format making it very flexible in its use. the data is collected through a daemon. the code is object-oriented and easy to extend to suit your needs. see more on the official site.

  • Kimono site
  • Kimono at SourceForge


phpticket is a ticketing system written in PHP, backed up by a MySQL database. Its purpose is to provide helpdesks/staffs with an easy “to do” application for keeping track of what needs to be done. The interface is kept fairly simple and easy to use. the code is licensed under GPL. please note that all questions about phpticket should be forwarded to sinnerbofh(at)gmail(dot)com from now on.

  • browse cvs
  • view demo
  • view files (at sourceforge)
  • sourceforge project homepage


copies JPEG files from one place to another using the embedded EXIF info to format folder and file names. requires PHP to be compiled with the “–enable-exif” flag and the linux ‘cp’ command. the code is licensed under GPL and provided as is.

  • download version 1.1 banner

outputs an image showing the most recently played track in your profile using any truetype font and color you’d like. more info in the code comments. if you link the image to the script with the argument “?link=true” the script will redirect the clicks to the for the artist/track.

  • lastfm_banner.phps
  • sample output
  • blank 1×1 pixel gif (right click to save)

paessler php interface

PHP interface for Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor. Can be easily modified to display the data in any way you like. Requires PHP 5.

  • paessler.php
  • sample screen