2006-04-05 12:21pm – not so much alive
since I’m in the middle of changing jobs right now and there’s a lot of other stuff going on, I though I’d let you know that the development of kimono is somewhat on hiatus for now. I have every intention of continuing when I have more spare time and hopefully even during work hours.

2005-08-10 01:53pm – very much alive
as you might have noticed, not much has happened with the project since early july. I’ve taken a break from the programming to enjoy the swedish summer while it lasts. I have every intention of continuing working on the 0.6.0b release soon to hopefully finish the reporting function by september or october.

2005-04-08 03:26pm – kimono 0.4.6b released
this release adds german and italian translations, a search feature for the “service history” screen as well as a bugfix that affected notifies and one that would crash PHP (heh..) if mysql preferences were incorrect. the SMTP service now accepts more return codes as success when verifying an address. this release does not require a database upgrade. the next goal for kimono is to create the reporting system that will be able to generate reports in all kinds of format (XML, HTML, PDF etc.) for publishing.

2005-04-06 08:53pm – italian translation available
Simone has been kind enough to provide us with an italian translation of kimono, rename this file to “lang_italiano.php” and put in the <kimono>/interface/web/lang/” folder and it will become available.

2005-03-07 12:18pm – call for translations
anyone willing to translate kimono to other languages will be most appreciated. I’ve already recieved a german translation from Markus Rechtien which will be included in the next release, meanwhile you can download it to the <kimono>/interface/web/lang/ folder and remove the “.txt” extension.. send me a note or post in the forum if you can help out.

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